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Membership Categories

The Federation has four kinds of members:

Ordinary Member - National seed trade and/or plant breeders association

Associate Member - Company active in plant breeding and/or seed trade

The company is obliged to be a member of its national seed association provided it is eligible to do so and the national association's activities cover the main crops the company deals in and the association itself is an Ordinary Member of ISF.

Tree and Shrub Seed Group Member - National association of tree and shrub seed companies or a company active in this field

Affiliate Member - Company that provides a service such as crop protection, seed treatments and seed testing to the seed industry

A national association can be an Observer for a period of two years before applying to become an Ordinary Member. Likewise, a company may be an Observer for a year. Membership, however,is not granted automatically and the applicant will be subject to the normal screening process.

Benefits of Membership

ISF Ordinary and Associate Members have voting rights. They are able to participate in the activities of the Federation (see What we do) and in the annual congress.

Companies that are a member of their national seed association that is an ISF Ordinary Member can have their representatives serve on ISF Standing Committees and Crop Section Boards (see ISF Structure). They can also attend the annual congress to trade and conduct other business.

Companies may also benefit from dispute settlement procedures instituted by the Federation that take into consideration the special features of plant breeding and seed production.

All Members have access to the quarterly newsletter that reports on issues and activities of interest to the seed industry.

ISF Secretariat - Chemin du Reposoir 7 - 1260 Nyon Switzerland

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ISF Secretariat - Chemin du Reposoir 7 - 1260 Nyon Switzerland

tel +41 22 365 44 20 - fax +41 22 365 44 21 -