ISF International Seed Federation

Categories of membership

The Federation is composed of:

Ordinary Members

National seed trade and/or plant breeders associations.

Associate Members

Companies active in plant breeding and/or seed trade. If in the country where their companies are registered there is an Ordinary member of the Federation, the company must be a member of that Ordinary member, provided that the Ordinary member has the relevant crop coverage and that they are eligible to join as per the rules of that Ordinary member.

Associate Members of the Tree and Shrub Seed Group

National Associations of tree and shrub seed companies and/or individual companies active in this field.

Affiliate Members

Provider companies to the seed industry such as crop protection companies, seed testing labs, molecular labs, etc.; or related associations not fitting in the ordinary membership category.


This possibility is given, for two years to potential Ordinary, and for one year to potential Associate members. In that period, the applicants can decide whether or not they want to become a member of the Federation in the appropriate membership class.


How to become a member?

A request for membership in the Federation must be received by the General Secretariat at least two months before the date of the General Assembly. Please check with our categories of membership in which category your organization would fall. Should you wish to become an ISF member, please contact the ISF Secretariat.

Loss of ISF Membership

Once the application is approved by the ISF General Assembly membership remains provisional till the annual membership fee has been paid. The fee must be paid within three months of the date of the General Assembly failing which the provisional membership will be automatically revoked.

Members who have not paid the annual membership fee for two consecutive years will have their membrship revoked an will no longer be able to attend ISF meetings or the annual ISF World Seed Congress.

Resignation of ISF membership will take effect at the end of the calendar year and there will be no refund of the annual fees.

ISF Secretariat - Chemin du Reposoir 7 - 1260 Nyon Switzerland

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ISF Secretariat - Chemin du Reposoir 7 - 1260 Nyon Switzerland

tel +41 22 365 44 20 - fax +41 22 365 44 21 -