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Species Allium cepa
Crop Onion
Pest Scientific Name Botrytis porri
Additional Info
Complementary Info Teleomorph: Botryotinia porri
Type Fungus
Pest Classification Is seed a pathway in this crop? Pathway not proven
Main literature references 2-15
Remarks B. porri is primarily a pathogen of garlic and leek. One abstract indicates an association of the fungus with onion seed. However, no other references found indicating seed as a pathway for B. porri on onion. In a survey of a symptomless field, B. porri was isolated from the seed but there was no damage to the crop. <strong>Available information indicates there is no scientific basis for regulation of B. porri on onion seed.</strong>
Detection Is there a seed test? Yes
If yes, type of test Incubation
Main literature references 2-15
Remarks A rudimentary plating method is described in this reference. A description of a validated seed assay was not found.
Risk mitigation Can the pest be managed by seed treatment(s)? Yes
If yes, what type(s) Physical, Chemical (seed coating)
Main literature references 2-25, 2-27
Remarks Seed treatments used to control B. allii would be effective against B. porri.

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