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Species Allium cepa
Crop Onion
Pest Scientific Name Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. allii
Additional Info
Complementary Info
Type Bacterium
Pest Classification Is seed a pathway in this crop? Yes
Main literature references 2-11, 2-12, 2-84
Remarks Seed is known to be a pathway for X. axonopodis. pv. allii in A. cepa. The pest has a narrow host range - Allium spp. - and is the causal agent of bacterial blight in onion. A quality systems approach in production of the seeds by crop inspections should reduce the chances of seed contamination.
Detection Is there a seed test? Yes
If yes, type of test Seed wash, DNA based
Main literature references 2-12, 2-84
Remarks Selective media and a BIO-PCR method. No validated or commercial seed assay available. PCR is an indirect way of testing (no isolation of the pathogen) and does not distinguish between viable and non-viable pathogen.
Risk mitigation Can the pest be managed by seed treatment(s)? No
If yes, what type(s)
Main literature references 2-174, 2-179
Remarks No references found indicating a seed treatment is effective against X. axonopodis pv allii on onion seed, however, general references found describing seed treatments effective against bacteria on seed.

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