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Species Spinacia oleracea
Crop Spinach
Pest Scientific Name Diaporthe spp.
Additional Info Common species: Diaporthe viticola, Diaporthe eres, Diaporthe melonis
Complementary Info
Type Fungus
Pest Classification Is seed a pathway in this crop? Yes, but crop not a host
Main literature references 3-44, 3-59, 3-69, 3-87
Remarks No references found indicating spinach as a host of Diaporthe spp. However, recently the USDA found Diaporthe viticola associated with spinach seeds as a saprotroph on dying maternal tissue. <strong>Available information indicates there is no scientific basis for regulation of Diaporthe spp. on spinach seed.</strong>
Detection Is there a seed test? Yes
If yes, type of test Dry-seed inspection, Incubation
Main literature references 3-26, 3-44
Remarks A commercial seed test available although not validated. Seed assay funded by the USDA in development.
Risk mitigation Can the pest be managed by seed treatment(s)? No
If yes, what type(s)
Main literature references 3-87
Remarks One reference found which evaluated the effects of various seed treatments on the Phomopsis stage of the fungus using freezer blotter and NP-10 agar assays.

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