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Species Cucumis melo
Crop Melon
Pest Scientific Name Cucumber green mottle mosaic virus (CGMMV)
Additional Info
Complementary Info
Type Virus
Pest Classification Is seed a pathway in this crop? Yes
Main literature references 4-10, 4-16, 4-51, 4-52
Remarks Seed is a known pathway for CGMMV in melon and the recommended management strategy is to evaluate seed productions by field inspection or seed testing of a representative sample of each seed lot.
Detection Is there a seed test? Yes
If yes, type of test Serological
Main literature references 4-20, 4-21, 4-123, 4-158
Remarks ELISA methods exist and seed tests are available in some commercial labs. The validation experiment was carried out with a limited number of seed samples. It is strongly recommended that each user validate the performance of the technique to detect the virus under specific laboratory conditions. An ELISA method is an indirect method and often positive results are confirmed using a bioassay.
Risk mitigation Can the pest be managed by seed treatment(s)? Yes
If yes, what type(s) Physical, Chemical (seed disinfection)
Main literature references 4-10, 4-22, 4-24, 4-158, 4-164
Remarks Heat treatment of low and medium ELISA positives has been effective in eliminating CGMMV. After heat treatment, a bioassay can be used for evaluation of the effectiveness of heat treatment. One reference reconfirmed that CGMMV cannot be eliminated from highly contaminated seed lots through heat treatment. It also verified that tri-sodium phosphate treatments were not effective on highly contaminated seed lots.

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