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Species Lactuca sativa
Crop Lettuce
Pest Scientific Name Verticillium dahliae
Additional Info
Complementary Info
Type Fungus
Pest Classification Is seed a pathway in this crop? Yes
Main literature references 6-25, 6-28, 6-134, 6-135, 6-136
Remarks V. dahliae is a ubiquitous soilborne fungus with a wide host range. Seedborne transmission was shown experimentally under greenhouse conditions, however, the role of seed as a pathway in the epidemiology of the disease has limited importance. The impact of other sources in proximity to lettuce and seed infection of nearby weeds has been shown to be a more important aspect of the disease epidemiology. A quality systems approach in production of the seeds by crop inspections should reduce the chances of seed contamination.
Detection Is there a seed test? Yes
If yes, type of test Incubation
Main literature references 6-25
Remarks An experimental method to assess the presence of the fungus on lettuce and weed seed and seed transmission is described.
Risk mitigation Can the pest be managed by seed treatment(s)? Yes
If yes, what type(s) Physical, Chemical (seed coating and seed disinfection)
Main literature references 6-26, 6-27
Remarks References describe disinfection treatments. In addition, a seed treatment (such as Thiram slurry), used as a prophylactic measure, may be effective against the fungus.

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