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Species Capsicum annuum
Crop Pepper
Pest Scientific Name Alternaria alternata
Additional Info
Complementary Info
Type Fungus
Pest Classification Is seed a pathway in this crop? Pathway not proven
Main literature references 1-24, 1-25
Remarks A. alternata is the causal agent of Alternaria rot of pepper fruit. Alternaria is not known as a significant disease problem in pepper. Two references found indicating the fungus can be associated with seed. However, the work is limited and narrow in scope. No references found clearly demonstrating seed as a pathway for A. alternata in pepper. A quality systems approach in production of the seeds by crop inspections and careful selection of healthy fruit should reduce the chances of seed contamination. Commercial seed harvesting (avoiding infected fruit), seed cleaning and sanitization of pepper seed would reduce the potential for seed contamination.
Detection Is there a seed test? No
If yes, type of test
Main literature references
Remarks No references found indicating a seed test exists for A. alternata on pepper.
Risk mitigation Can the pest be managed by seed treatment(s)? Yes
If yes, what type(s) Chemical (seed coating)
Main literature references
Remarks No references found, however, a seed treatment (such as Thiram slurry), used as a prophylactic measure, may be effective against the fungus.

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