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ISF mission

ISF's mission is:
 - to facilitate the international movement of seed
-  to mobilise and represent the seed industry at a global level
- to keep members informed about the latest technology and related know-how

To achieve this, ISF promotes cooperation among national and regional seed associations. ISF works in partnership with organisations responsible for international treaties, conventions and agreements and those that shape policies that impact the seed industry.


What we do

Seed is life. The seed industry plays an increasingly vital role in the global pursuit of sustained development and well being of the planet and its people in an environmentally responsible manner.

The seed industry's traditional role was as one of the major contributors to sustainable food production. Now the industry is also at the forefront of developing technological innovations and alternative uses for plants as renewable sources of bio-energy, bio-materials, and plants that will provide food and feed of increased nutritional and even medicinal value to humans and animals. The industry is highly competitive, ensuring an efficient and responsible global seed trade that offers farmers a continuous supply of new high-yielding varieties suitable for different environmental conditions, and for producing crops and products that will continue to meet changing consumer demands and the concerns of civil society.

To cope effectively with the challenges brought about by increased globalisation, environmental and health issues, regional trade groupings, new technological advances as well as farmer and consumer sophistication, the seed industry needs a representative forum to research and discuss important issues, adopt positions, and represent and promote its interests at a global level. The ISF is involved in the following fields: 


 ISF represents the seed industry at intergovernmental organisations including:

  • OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development)
  • UPOV (International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants)
  • ISTA (International Seed Testing Association)
  • IPPC (International Plant Protection Convention) 
  • FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN)
  • CBD (Convention on Biological Diversity)
  • WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) 

ISF defends the general interests of its members, notably in improving the conditions of international seed trade and strengthening intellectual property rights worldwide.

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ISF Secretariat - Chemin du Reposoir 7 - 1260 Nyon Switzerland

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